The Revenge of the Shadow Witch (Coven Cove Book 7)
The Revenge of the Shadow Witch (Coven Cove Book 7)

The Revenge of the Shadow Witch (Coven Cove Book 7)

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Larissa is the child of two worlds. She is a witch and a vampire…
Witches fear her…
Vampires want her blood....
and to complicate matters, she is in love with a human, which is forbidden by both.

Larissa and Nathan's reunion offered a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos. The coven, now on high alert and locked down, prepares for an imminent attack from the vengeful witch who once controlled the Supreme and the Council of Mages. With a singular focus on eliminating Larissa and preventing her rise to the level of supreme, the stakes have never been higher.

As battle lines are drawn, Larissa's determination to save not only herself but the coven, her family, and the world of witches pushes her to make a choice. Crossing enemy lines, she seeks to forge an unlikely alliance, knowing that their only chance of survival is if they work together.

Driven by an unyielding desire for a peaceful future where Nathan, her and their daughter can be a family, Larissa navigates a treacherous landscape where trust is scarce and loyalties are tested. With every step closer to her goal, she is faced with heart-wrenching sacrifices, questioning how much she is willing to bear.

In this gripping magical tale of survival and sacrifice, Larissa's courage is put to the ultimate test. Can she rally her fellow witches and allies to confront the vengeful witch, or will the darkness consume everything she holds dear? As the fate of the world hangs in the balance, Larissa must confront her own limits and discover the true extent of her strength.

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Customer Reviews

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Maureen H

I keep thinking this story is going to fall flat - it has been 7 books, after all - but it just gets better!! I adore Larissa, and all the characters are just wonderful. They seem so real! I love the magic system and the world building. I just really love this series!Clark has this knack for giving you a resolution while simultaneously leaving you pining for the next sentence. It's an unusual skill for an indie author to have perfected, but he's done it.I highly recommend any of his books!


Very good series to read

karen devenport

Really enjoyed reading these


Larissa has gotten Nathan back. But now a witch determined to destroy her is after them. Larissa must fight to save her family. Spellbinding conclusion.

Great Series Ending Book

After following the world and characters in this series through all seven volumes, this book wrapped up all the questions and provided a unique ending I didn’t see coming, yet one that made perfect sense. I was privileged to be given an advance copy, but that didn’t influence my review. I recommend you read the series start to finish so as to indulge yourself in the amazing story world created by this author.