Coven Cove Books 1-7 Bundle (Larissa's Story)
Coven Cove Books 1-7 Bundle (Larissa's Story)

Coven Cove Books 1-7 Bundle (Larissa's Story)

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Larissa is the child of two worlds. She is a witch and a vampire…
Witches fear her…
Vampires want her blood....
and she is in love with a human, which is forbidden by both.

This bundle contains all 7 physical books in Larissa's Story...

In the shadowed aftermath of her father's murder by a dark figure, Larissa Norton’s mother sends her away to the protection of Coven Cove Academy. There she joins other vampires like her, where, alongside witches, werewolves, and shapeshifters, they learn how to live in the world of mortals while honing their particular skills. It doesn’t take long before Larissa discovers she has more in common with the others than she even knew. Her mother isn’t her mother, and just like the other students, she too is an orphan, but that is only the first of many mysteries Larissa must face.

The headmistress vows to help Larissa discover who she is, and why she is being chased. In return, Larissa must follow two simple rules at the school. First, one must never use their abilities against a fellow student. A rule broken on just her third day, but in Larissa’s defense, at that time she didn’t know she was also a witch, one of Larissa’s other hidden secrets from a past life she can’t remember. Second, she, and all students, are to stay away from the headmistress’s mortal son, a temptation that is both painful and impossible to ignore.

With the help of the headmistresses and instructors, Larissa unravels a series of secrets and lies and uncovers the truth of who and what she is, leading to the frightening truth about who and what is after her. It's not just one, but many. Some are driven by fear, others driven by a desire for power. All obsessed with what her blood holds. The race against dark forces is not just for her survival but for the power that runs through her veins, which could either save or destroy them all.

Welcome to Coven Cove, a new world created by international best-selling paranormal author David Clark.

This Box set includes the all seven books in the series

  • Book 1 - The Secret of the Blood Charm
  • Book 2 - The Shape of things to Come
  • Book 3 - BloodLust
  • Book 4 - The Curse of the Crescent Moon
  • Book 5 - The House of the Rising Son
  • Book 6 - BloodWars
  • Book 7 - The Revenge of the Shadow Witch

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars||Great book

I own both the Kindle and audible, it's a very addictive series, even better than Harry Potter and twilight...would love to see it made into movies

william j. slattery sr
5.0 out of 5 stars||great series

I really enjoyed the series except for the last book.I think the death of almost all the supporting and some of the major characters was a little too much.A little more proof reading is also called for,a lot of mistakes.

Maureen H
5.0 out of 5 stars||Love this series!

This is absolutely one of my favorite series! The characters are phenomenal and the world building is awesome - so is the magic system.This isn't your typical vampire story. Nope, this also has witches, werewolves, and hybrids! The story and characters evolve so wonderfully, you'll be sad when you get to the last (very satisfying) page. I highly recommend it!

5.0 out of 5 stars||Great Series!

I have just finished the series 1-7. The characters were well written. The suspense continued from one book to the next. The ending was surprising. I recommend reading this series.

Mr. Darren Smith

Good story