Hello and welcome. My name is David Clark. I am an author who focuses on the thriller, horror, and science fiction genres. Why those genres you ask? Well, it is simple. Those are the genres I enjoy reading, and yes I read. I read a lot. Probably a book or two a month.  In fact, I include reviews of what I just finished reading in my monthly newsletter.  Also included are updates on items I am working on, podcast appearances and book signings, and member only new release special offers . If you would like to become a member, click the button below.

Featured Book

The Ghosts of Miller's Crossing

International Best Selling Paranormal Novel


Death was what sent Edward Meyer away thirty years ago.
Death was what brought him and his children back to Miller's Crossing.

He wanted a quiet and peaceful setting to start over in, but instead he found dark truths, a centuries old family secret, and a war as old as time itself.

The more he uncovered about his past, the more he began to wonder... had he chosen the right side.

If you enjoy paranormal thrillers like "The Shining", "Doctor Sleep",  and "The Exorcist",  you'll love taking this journey with Edward. Buy THE GHOSTS OF MILLER'S CROSSING today. 


My Books

Game Master Trilogy

Game Master Trilogy

Game Master Trilogy



When the game becomes more than a game... much... much more.

Robert Deliuz is a 19-year-old college student enthralled inthe world of online video games. A chance encounter brings him into a close circleof friends both on-line and out. It is not long before he realizes nothing happensby chance. One of their own forces him and his group into a world of deception anddanger; pitting friend against friend in a series of games for the benefit of a wagering audience. There is more than points up for grabs, this is for their lives. Only one can survive, the Game Master.

 Game Master: Game On is the first in a series that follows Robert and his group of friends through a world of danger and deception carried out on the Dark Web.

Next in the series:

  • Game Master: Playing for Keeps
  • Game Master: Reboot

Vigilante Order

Game Master Trilogy

Game Master Trilogy



Rachel was enjoying the night out at her favorite hangout de-stressing from a long week at work. She was minding her own business and keeping to herself. The confident and professional woman let her guard down for just a split second turning her life upside down when a brutal attack thrust her down into a world of worry, fear, and despair. 

She searches for answers to recover her old self but faces the harsh reality that once someone has taken your safety it is impossible to get it back. That is until a friend pulls her into a close circle of friends that shows her the only way to take it back is the rip it back brutally. These women protect one another and ensure thier attackers can never harm them, or anyone else, ever again.

The Splurge

The Splurge

The Splurge


 A collection of short stories that follows one family through the most horrifying and dysfunctional Holiday Season imaginable.

Stories include:

  • Trick or Treat - The annual neighborhood Halloween decorating contest is taken a bit too far and elicits some unwilling volunteers. The results are shocking.
  • Family Dinner - When your immediate family abandons you on Thanksgiving, what do you do? Well, you dig down deep below the family tree to create the special moment.
  • The Splurge - This is a "Purge" parody focused around the First Black Friday Sale. Can you survive the First Annual Splurge?
  • Christmas Eve Nightmare - The family finds more than a Yule log in the fireplace on Christmas Eve

Highway 666

The Splurge

The Splurge


 The author that brought you “Jack”, a horrific ending to the classic fairy tale Jack and Jill in Hellbound Books’ “Shopping list 2”, now brings you a collection of four tales straight from the depths of hell itself. These four tales will take you on a high-speed chase down Highway 666, rip your heart out, burn you in a hell, and then leave you feeling lonely and cold at the end.
Stories Include:
Highway 666 - The fate of three teenagers hooked in to a demonic ride-share.
Till Death – A new spin on the wedding vows
Demon Apocalypse - It is the end of days, but not how the Bible described it.
Eternal Journey - A young girl is forever condemned to her last walk, her journey will never end 

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