The House of the Rising Son (Coven Cove Book 5)
The House of the Rising Son (Coven Cove Book 5)

The House of the Rising Son (Coven Cove Book 5)

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Larissa is the child of two worlds. She is a witch and a vampire…
Witches fear her…
Vampires want her blood....
and to complicate matters, she is in love with a human, which is forbidden by both.

Larissa returned to New Orleans to end the threat of Jean St. Claire, but things went anywhere but according to plan.

  • Jean St. Claire is still alive.
  • She is now an outcast in the world of mages.
  • Every witch that lived outside of the council's control is looking at her as their new leader.
  • Jean turned the man she loves into a vampire
  • Somehow she is pregnant. She didn't even know that was possible.

In response to the loss of her son, Mrs. Saxon exiled everyone who wasn't a witch from the Coven making Larissa's farmhouse a little crowded. She came home to New Orleans to solve a problem and make life better, but she ended up ruining everyone's lives. Now she has a coven of her own, and others looking to her for leadership. This was not a role she wanted, and she doesn't beleive this is what Master Thomas meant by a higher calling, or was it?

She doesn't even want to consider that, at least not yet. There are more immediate problems to solve. Jean St. Claire still needed to be dealt with once and for all. She needed to help Nathan deal with being a vampire and find someway to have the future she had envisioned with him, if that was even still possible. Then there was the baby, which scared her to death. If all that wasn't enough, Master Thomas dropped another bomb on her. There is much more to the world she has yet to understand, and if she wanted to continue her Father's work she had much to learn.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Very interesting

Read 5 books in about 5 days, a little disappointed in having to wait until August for the next one


This was an excellent continuation to the series, great pace and love the characters..highly recommend the entire series

Amazing read

Absolutely loving this series. I'm shocked at Nathan's choices in book 5, I didn't see that coming. Time to begin book 6!


Good story so far couldn't stop reading it. Great story lots of twist can't wait for the next one .

Do witches or vampires have the best life?

I enjoyed this book from start to finish. I couldn't wait for what happened next. Larrisa is pregnant and that is not suppose to happen. Nathan is finding out what it is like to live the vampire life. Larrisa's other duties take her out of Nathan's new life and things start happening. Where ever this book goes, you can follow easily and it keeps you entertained. There are surprising events and you don't know how it should end, which makes it a good book from my viewpoint. I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest review.